Rethinking Assessment


Dr Tim Kitchen (Adobe), Professor Sherman Young, Dr Ronika K Power, Professor Gary Fallon and Sasha McQuaid (Adobe)

The Ancient History Department at Macquarie University invited the Adobe Education Team to help them use some of Adobe’s video solutions to rethink and change the way they do formal assessment.

Educational assessment is a bit like death and taxes, it is an unavoidable part of the education process. However, it doesn’t always have to be a tedious, dry and boring process. Assessment of students is about showing evidence of knowledge gained with an aim to help enhance a student’s learning and capacity. Assessment can be a very creative and exciting process, especially if technologies such as video production are involved.

Dr Ronika K Power, Senior Lecturer in Bioarchaeology is passionate about teaching ancient history. She is a strong advocate for the use of modern technologies to help tell ancient stories and share student’s knowledge. On Tuesday 17th April  she invited the Adobe Education team to work with her staff and help train them in the art of video story telling as a form of assessment.


We began the day with some work-shopping on the use of Adobe Premiere Clip, a free and simple video editing app for iOS or Android. The teachers were impressed with its simplicity and the fact that they could make a quality video production without much if any experience as video makers.

We then moved to Adobe Spark Video, and encouraged the teachers to use  mix of both Premiere Clip and Spark Video. Both have their limitations, but by starting with Clip and finishing off the production with Spark Video, they were able to achieve most of what they needed to make a quality video story including voice overs, transitions, music, still images, moving images and text.

During the day we also filmed a series of interviews with key people from Macquarie University and Adobe. We used this footage to learn how to use Adobe’s professional video editing solution Premiere Pro. The free mobile apps are great for quick, short clips that don’t require a lot of production value. Premiere Pro is the ultimate video editing solution because it has no real limit to what can be created. It is the standard for the TV & video production industry and is even use in Hollywood film making.


Premiere Pro is relatively simple to use when it comes to stitching together clips and  layering titles and audio. It can get a bit complicate when adding filters and doing special effects, but after a couple of hours, most of the Macquarie History teachers were getting their heads around the basics and were very excited about the potential of what they can now achieve in terms of their own teaching and, most importantly, how they can encourage their students to construct their learning more creatively.


Professor Sherman Young, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching at Macquarie University was interviewed. He said that allowing access of Adobe software to Macquarie students and exposing them to these industry standard tools is important.


Dr Power interviewing Professor Young, Vice-Chancellor of learning & teaching at Macquarie University

Professor Gary Fallon, Professor of Digital Learning in the Department of Educational Studies was also interviewed by Dr Power. He said that he sees the Adobe products as a very interesting platform for self expression, creativity and for the developing of original products and collaboration.


Dr Power interviewing Professor Fallon

Stay tuned for the video story about this day which will soon be published on CreateEdu TV.

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