Adobe @ EduTECH 2019


Adobe was back at EduTECH this year sponsoring one of  the largest education conferences in the southern hemisphere on June 6 & 7.


An estimated 10,000 educators and trainers from a wide range of sectors took part in this event which was held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

One of the highlights was seeing Sir Ken Robinson return to Australia to share his insights into how education should be placing more of an emphasis on creativity. Stay tuned for a special journal post I’m building based on Sir Ken’s messaging at this event.

I had the pleasure of running three x 30min repeated sessions highlighting how the use of Adobe applications help to engage students and enhances the learning & teaching experience. It was great to have over 150 teachers pack into each of these  sessions titled Digital Creativity throughout the curriculum with Adobe.


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The Adobe booth, in the main expo area, was a hive of active throughout both days of the event.

A constant stream of Adobe product demos were on show throughout the conference by Adobe Solution Consultants (Brian Chau, Jane Chen & Jason Grant) Adobe Education Leaders (Brett Kent & Juliette Bentley) and me.

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Another highlight was seeing QLD Adobe Education Leader Juliette Bentley on one of the main stages speaking to several hundred educators who were part of the leadership stream.

It has been so rewarding to see the way Juliette has blossomed as a leader in the area of educational technologies. About three years ago, she joined the Adobe Campus Leaders program after falling in love with the value of Adobe Spark in the teaching of English and Religious Education. She has since helped me run a number of events in QLD and in 2017 she was asked to represent Adobe in Singapore at the EduTECH Asia. That resulted in her being invited to events in Europe and for EduTECH to fly her to Sydney for this event where she got to meet Sir Ken Robinson.

See what can happen when you join the Adobe Campus Leaders program.

Juliette is now a valued member of our Adobe Education Leader program and a great example of how a teacher who was not confident with technology has taken some risks, stretched her confidence and achieved some amazing results for her student, her colleagues and herself.


Juliette & I caught  up with Adobe Education Leader (Emeritus) Chris Betcher how is now working full time with Google doing what I do with Adobe.

Stay tuned for a video on CreateEDU TV that was filmed at EduTECH featuring Juliette &  me interviewing range of educators.


Here are some other images from the conference …

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