Nth American AEL Summit – 2019


The 2019 Nth American AEL Summit took place from July 22 to 25 at the Adobe office in San Francisco with about 100 Adobe Education Leaders from all over the globe.


Meet some of the AELs and what they were looking forward to at the start of this event …

Clara Galán, Adobe’s Global Community Lead, K-12 & Higher Education, welcomed everyone to official start the Summit. Have a listen to her address …

Tacy Trowbridge, Adobe’s Global Education Programs Lead, then addressed the educators and shared about some of the recent changes Adobe has made to their education teams.

Adobe’s new Global Head of Education, Henry Hsiao introduced himself to the AELs and the wider education community with the following address that shared his vision  for Adobe in Education.

Highlights of Day 1

Creative Catalyst Talks

The following Creative Catalyst Talks from various AELs were a highlight of the Summit.

Teaching Game Production & Creating Games for Social Good

by Andy Phelps

Andy is a Professor of Film and Media Arts at the American University Game Lab. He is soon to start another position as Professor of Human Interface Technology, at the College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand.

Are  Your  Question Marks Big Enough?  Why Epic Projects are Worth the Risk

by Lisa Gottfried and one of her students from New Tech High, California.


Lisa Gottfried has taught CTE Digital Design at New Tech High for 6 years and is an Adjunct Professor at Touro University in Innovative Education. In 2017/18, Lisa was recognised internationally for Innovation in Education with Blog Portfolios through HundrED.org and also won the “Innovation in the Classroom” grant from California Educational Research Association. She is also currently a professor for Touro University in the Innovative Ed. Masters program and is a proud member of the Adobe Education Leaders group.

Inspire Your  School Community: Building The Leaders of Tomorrow

by Georgina Dean

Georgina is  the Primary Google Learning Management Systems Coordinator at Modern English School Cairo. She has been the holder of the Excellence in Education Award for the past 3 consecutive years, and always looking for new ways to raise the bar in education by inspiring digital integration. She is about to start a new chapter in her education journal in Amman, Jordan.

TeachMeet: Ignite Creative Catalyst Talks

We also enjoyed hearing the following  Ignite Creative Catalyst Talks from the AEL community.

Fostering creativity through storytelling

by Michael Hernandez

Sparking Creativity

by David Dodds

Designing Adobe CC Micro-Lessons to Share with Faculty & Students: What & Why

by Shelley Rodrigo

Why what you are  doing in school might be under threat

by Ian Usher

What is Instructional Design

by Deila Bumgardner


Be Pro-active

by Leonard Barbar


Understanding what ‘Flash’ has become when dealing with the modern, open web

by Joseph Labrecque


Create… Space.

by Kelly Kermode

Integarted Learning Strategist


Creativity and Metacognition

by Phil Badham

Educational and Creative Technologies Consultant


You can see the above videos and lots more on the CreateEdu TV 2019 Nth American AEL Summit Vimeo channel

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