TAFE NSW Graduations


This week, hundreds of TAFE NSW students graduated from a wide range of certificate courses related to Creative Industries. It was a pleasure for Jerry Wong and me to represent Adobe at the ceremonies held at the Nepean Campus in Kingswood and the Cambelltown Campous.

Michael Cullen, Regional General Manager for TAFE NSW and George Verghese, Head of Skills Team for Creative and Design ideation both presented inspiring messages of congratulations to the graduating students and their families.

It was great to catch up with Adobe Education Leader Craig Daalmeijer-Power who is the Head Teacher at Nepean Arts & Design Centre for TAFE NSW.


Congratulations to all the graduating students, especially those who were the first in their families to receive a formal certificate qualification. The work that TAFE NSW is doing in Western Sydeny to help provide employment and training opportunities is outstanding. It is always inspiring to see our students are improving their lives and the lives of people around them with digital creativity skills and the use of Adobe products.