The Inject Creativity Roadshow hits Auckland, New Zealand


On Thursday September 5, The University of Auckland hosted New Zealand’s first Inject Creativity into the Curriculum with Adobe Roadshow event.

This involved about 30 educators from a range of faculty areas within the university and a range of Adobe abilities and experiences.


Character Animator being demonstrated

We started the session with a Character Animator demo and a Rush demo by Jason Grant (Adobe Solution Consultant) with an aim to share some of Adobe’s new tools but also to make the point that Adobe is not just about the high-end, industry standard, professional creativity tools any more. There are a wide range of applications that can be used by every  teacher and student to enhance their digital creativity skills.


Jason Grant showing off Premiere Rush

One of the highlights was hearing John Penn II’s story about how Photoshop is saving lives and making a positive difference in the world of law enforcement.



John is such an engaging presenter. His work and passion is about how Adobe tools can be used to make a positive difference to people’s lives. He shared a number of stories about how Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Audition are being used by law enforcement around the  globe to find and help missing & exploited children as well as to solve other crimes.

Click here to find out more about John’s work

The rest of the day involved a series of workshop options that allowed participants to have a deeper dive into a range of the applications with the help of the Adobe experts.

A special thank you to Adobe Customer Success Manager Jerry Wong for working with the University of Auckland to put this event together.


Like many Universities, The University of Auckland have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications for their staff and their labs. It is always a pleasure to share with educators the value of what they have and how many of the Adobe apps can be used to aid teaching and learning.