Injecting Creativity in Sydney’s West


Over 80 teachers from Sydney’s western suburbs registered for an Inject Creativity into your classroom event at the wonderful Bossley Park High School held on the afternoon of Tuesday October 29.

The session began with a series of Adobe software tasters for the classroom featuring Charter Animator, Spark Video & Spark Post.


Then the participants had a choice of three breakout workshop sessions that provided a deeper dive into a a number of Adobe applications. These were run by Adobe Education Leader Brent Kent, Adobe Campus Leader Michael Turner and myself.



Some of the feedback comments from this event included the following:

  • I was overwhelmed about the powerful apps in Adobe Creative Suite. I was happy to learn about Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, Adobe Spark, etc and how they be used to create amazing projects/products.
  • Really enjoyable because of the style of presentation involving the audience. Heaps of websites to help with further study for students.
  • Sharing the applications with year 7 students to undertake practical work using the applications
  • The workshop was very engaging and informative. Can’t wait to use it!
  • InDesign workshop was great
  • The video session was mind blowing
  • This workshop provided practical and engaging strategies to incorporate Adobe software into my teaching.
  • A highlight was learning about software such as adobe spark, rush and premiere
  • Great informative useful workshop
  • A highlight was seeing how to use Spark since we can access it for free on phones. It was easy to see how we could use it with little set up.
  • A hi light was learning new things about programs that I haven’t used for a while as well as new programs I didn’t know about
  • Tim was able to give us a simple run down of a lot of the applications
  • InDesign really got me interested.
  • A highlight was discovering a range of tools to make more effective resources
  • A highlight was seeing how the tools and software capabilities have improved efficiency for users. Loved Spark, Character Animate and Rush!!
  • Great event, high engagement
  • Engaging presenter and effective modelling of different programs
  • I was really impressed by InDesign. I have never used it previously. I am now determined to learn it and use it.


My resources from this event  can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Prior to this Inject Creativity event with the teachers, I had the pleasure spend a couple of hours with a group of  talent Year 7 students from Bossley Park High School, introducing them to the Adobe Spark tools and Character Animator.