Aurora College visits Adobe


Over 50 students and 5 teachers from Aurora College visited Adobe’s Sydney office on Wednesday 30th October for an Adobe Day.


Aurora College is a NSW Department of Education Virtual Selective High School that provides students in rural and remote areas the opportunity to study specialist subjects using the latest technology.


Twice a year the students from all over NSW come together for a city experience and on  this day, after a visit to the Opera House, they spent the afternoon at Adobe.

The focus of this Adobe Day was introducing  the students to Character Animator as a tool to enhance their presentations as well as Adobe Spark.

At one stage, the students had the challenge to work with a partner to produce a short creative film about their passions in 15 minutes. For many students this would be an impossible task but being a selective school, Aurora College is dominated by very talented students and so the results were very impressive. The fact that they  picked up Adobe Spark video so easily also helped.