Adobe Day at Hazel Glen College, Victoria


My first student Adobe Day for 2020 was held on Tuesday 11th February at the wonderful Hazel Glen College in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs. Located in one of Melbourne fastest growing areas, this school has grown from about 150 students when it was founded only 6 years ago, to now be one of Victoria’s largest.

I began the day with a double session of Year 9 design students and their teacher who were keen to know more about Photoshop. Then after the morning recess break I had a double session with the Year 11 & 12 Visual Communication & Design students, also on Photoshop.

I introduced the new Adobe Fresco drawing app to the Year 11s & 12s and handed over my iPad to one of the students for a few minutes to have a play. Have a look at what he created …


This is a great example of when you give students the tools, time and encouragement to be creative, they rarely let you down.

After lunch, representatives from all Year 8 classes joined me for a Spark challenge, where they were encouraged to create a Spark Post & Spark Video about their passions and interests. Many of these students were just as creative.

I’d like to thank Daniel Sommerell (Instructional Leader – Innovations) for organising this day for the students.