Injecting Creativity in Melbourne’s North


The first of many planned Inject Creativity into the Curriculum events was held at Hazel Glen College in Melbourne’s growing northern suburbs on Tuesday 11th February.

Just over 30 teachers registered for this after-school professional learning event that involved a mix of product demos as well as a small group Spark design challenge.


For most of the teachers, it was their first experience with the Adobe Spark tools so it was particularly pleasing to see how quickly they picked up the skills and shared how these apps could be used to enhance a wide range of curriculum areas.

The Victorian Department of Education & Training is in the process of providing the full Adobe Creative Cloud applications to all of their secondary students and staff. It was a pleasure to explain what that means to these teachers and share with them the opportunities that this will provide them.

It was very pleasing to get the following feedback from Danny Summerell (Instructional Leader – Innovations) who helped organise the event.

Once again, I want to thank you for the time you spent at Hazel Glen yesterday. I spoke to a number of staff today that attended your workshop and they all said the same thing, that they left last night absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm.

Personally, it was one of the best PLs I’ve ever been part of and I am extremely grateful.

I’m getting back in to doing the short courses on the teacher exchange and I’ll try and get those points up. We’ve already planned a short PL with our Humanities department for next week, so it’s all looking positive.