Sparking Creativity at The University of Queensland


On Monday 17th February, I was invited to run a 2hr digital creativity workshop with about 30 doctoral students representing a number of facilitates throughout the University of Queensland.

The brief for this event was to share a variety of Adobe tools that will help these student creativity present their research. The obvious solution was Adobe Spark.

It is always a pleasure to see how the Adobe Spark tools are able to engage such a wide variety of people from primary students and teachers through to PhD students and university professors.

A number of these students also had access to the full set of Adobe Creative Cloud applications either through their faculty or they are taking advantage of the student discount. So, I introduced them to Premier Rush as well as a few Photoshop tips to help advance their presentation and creativity skills.

Special thanks to Dr Anna (Anya) Phelan, Director Global Change Scholars Program, Research Fellow at the UQ Business School for organising this event for her students.