Adobe Max – Sneaks

Sneaks is one of the most popular features of Adobe Max each year. It’s all about showcasing new technologies that may (or may not) end up in a current Adobe application or potentially as an entirely new Adobe application in the future.

Adobe’s Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist Paul Trani hosted this years Sneaks with Talk Show Host, Author, Executive Producer and Comedian Chelsea Handler.

All the Max Sneaks this year were amazing. But these are the ones I thought were most impressive and likely to be beneficial for students and teachers in the future.

Comic Blast

Convert script into Comic book speech bubbles and re-work hand b&w sketches into a colour comic style image.

Sharp Shots

Auto de-blurring of video.


Using Adobe Capture to scan an object and ctreate a 3D model for Dimension and Aero

Typographic Brushes

Using Fresco to convert a brush stroke into an editable text/

AR Together

Collaborative AR on multiple devices with Aero