Sparking Creativity among teens at risk in Vietnam – 2021

I was delighted to again be asked to run some virtual Adobe Spark workshops at the 2021 Pacific Links Foundation Summer Camp for teens at risk of trafficking in Vietnam.

As it says in the Pacific Links site – As part of Pacific Links Foundation’s comprehensive counter-trafficking efforts, Summer Camp is an annual activity of our Girls Empowerment Mekong Scholarships Program. Over four days, scholarship recipients come together from the remote and impoverished areas of the Mekong Delta bordering Cambodia to build confidence, compassion and vital connections that will safeguard them from the dangers of human trafficking. At its core, Summer Camp is a youth development endeavor. The camp’s goal is to provide a space for students to make new friends, learn about different career and training opportunities, and to work on personal growth through the guiding values of GRACES (Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, Engagement, and Safety).

Together we produced a set of Spark Posters about the things we love doing in our spare time.

I ran a total of 4 workshops over the weekend with about 30 students in each session. During each workshop I encouraged the participants to keep developing these digital creativity skills and apply them in future studies, leisure and work.

I’d like to thank the translators who helped me run these sessions and the organisers of the camp.

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