Video Challenge with NSW Students

About 200 NSW students from 18 schools registered for a special Adobe 1 Minute Video Challenge event that was run early in August, 2021 while they were in lock-down. This involved the students working with a team (even though they were not allowed to meet face to face) and following a set of criteria to produce a 1 minute video story that helped to promote one of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

They were briefed with the challenge on Tuesday 10th August and they had until 10AM on Monday 16th to submit their video story for a special online showcase event that happened later that same day.

Out of the 18 schools who registered, I’d like to congratulate the following 7 schools who ended up submitting stories:

  • Cathwest Innovation College
  • The King’s School
  • Parramatta Marist High
  • Patrician Brothers College
  • St Luke’s Catholics College
  • St Mark’s Catholics College
  • Newcastle Grammar

Overall, there were about 30 stories submitted and 20 of them were showcased. Out of the 20, below are the stories that I would like to highlight and share.

A special thank you goes to Luke Dela Cruz Technology Leader at CathWest Innovation College who help to initiate and promote this event within his network for schools in Sydney’s west. I would also like to thank all the teachers who helped motivate their students to be involved and (most importantly) all the students who took part.

During the briefing I stressed to the students that the end product is not as important at the process and the learning that takes place during the production phases. I shared with them the most in demand soft-skills according to research by the World Economic Forum and Microsoft LinkedIn such as creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management. All of these skills were important in the production of the video stories and I congratulate the students for the way they displayed each of them.

Climate Change by Kevin, Rian, Thanh, Zayne, Bill & Bailey – Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield

I love the fast paced editing to help share an important message

Climate Action by Alex & Achyuth – The King’s School

I loved the link of Minecraft & Adobe Premiere Rush as a tool for telling a story

Change – by Aesha, Tanvi & Malka – St Luke’s Catholic College

This is a creative example of collaboration on a project while in lock-down.

Climate Change by Cameron and Aredith – The Kings School

Gender Equality by Kaitlan & Sophie – CathWest Innovation College

This is a great example of the use of Adobe Character Animator

Health and Well-being by Paolo, Yousif ,Owen, Ande & Emiliano – Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield

Climate Change by Filip and Aaron – The Kings School

The Fight for Water by Andrew, Ryan & Geshua – Parramatta Marist High School

Climate Change by James, Vishal & Ken – The Kings School

We can make a difference by George and Sam – The Kings School

Green Power by Ellena & Jacob – St Mark’s Catholic College

Climate Change by Kush and Ethan – The Kings School

Poverty by John, Henry & James – Newcastle Grammar

Environment by Oliver, Cody and Colin – The Kings School

We Can Make a Change by Praas and Mihran – The Kings School

If you would like to host an Adobe Creativity Challenge event at your school. Click here to contact the Adobe Education team.