Adobe in Education Update – November, 2020

This update features information about:

  • New free webinars for K12 & HED in 2021
  • Adobe Creative Educator Program
  • Writing for Change program
  • Inject Creativity Live – 2021
  • ACCE/DigiCon 2021
  • New Education Exchange courses, and more …

Get to know your Adobe apps

A new series of webinars is being planned for 2021 catering for teachers at various levels of K12 and Higher Education all over the Australasian region. These will be run by the Adobe Education team as well as Adobe Education Leaders from February 23 to May 26.

Register in advance for the sessions that are most relevant for you and share these events with your colleagues and wider education network.

Adobe Creative Educator Program

We have had over 5000 teachers pass Level 1 of the Adobe Creative Educator program with many now completing Level 2. This a program for any teacher, of any subject area in any level. You don’t have to be an Adobe expert to get an ACE badge for your CV. Click here to see the most recent ACE news.

Adobe @ EduTech

Below is the amazing Adobe breakout session at the recent 2020 EduTech Conference that featured, Erin Raethke from TAFE QLD, Steven Kolber from Vic DET, Clare Dyson from Swinburne Uni, Andrew On Yi Lai & Brett Kent from NSW DoE.

Adobe Max Recap

Click here for a recap on the recent virtual 2020 Adobe Max event. Check out the new Adobe products, updates, time-savers and other improvements to the Creative Cloud.

Writing for Change program

The Writing for Change program is a collaboration between Adobe and Wakelet that encourages students to complete up to 10 different opinion based writing challenges on a range of topics. Go to the Writing for Change playlist on the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel to see some well known writers add the contributions via a live streamed interview.

Inject Creativity Live – 2021

We are currently planning a new set of Inject Creativity Live events for 2021. Click here to register in advance to get a reminder email prior to each event as well as a link to the recordings. Note that all future events are being streamed live on the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel.

ACCE Conference 2021

DLTV will run its postponed ACCE/Digicon Conference Virtually from March 15th to March 19th  2021. The conference will be held each afternoon from 4pm to 6pm. Maybe put it in your school’s professional learning calendar now. Keep those dates & times free and check the DLTV site for more information. Click here if you are interested in presenting at this event.

The latest on the Adobe Education Exchange

Self-paced courseCreate Digital Images with Your Class

We’ve recently added new lessons, projects, lesson plans, videos, and assignment options in this updated self-paced digital images course for educators.

Professional learning kitCreating Digital Images Professional Learning Kit | Presenter-led Training

Train educators on digital images in the classroom. Adobe has assembled everything you need to lead a one-hour Photoshop workshop for educators, which can be delivered either in-person or online. Click here to find out more.

K–12 lesson – Profiles in motion

In this lesson by Max Suechting at Stanford University, students use Spark Video to craft a profile of a literary character. Click here to access.

K–12 lesson – Publish your opinion

In this lesson by expert teacher Caitlin MacLeod-Bluver, students use Spark Page to read about a controversial subject and develop their own opinion on the issue. Click here to access

K–12 lesson – Make a video poem

In this lesson by expert teacher Lisa Gottfried, students use Premiere Rush to write a poem about a time they felt a strong emotion. Click here to access.

Higher Ed project – Social media campaign analysis

This project by Dr. Karen Freberg at the University of Louisville, has students use Premiere Rush to analyze a social media campaign and create a video explanation. Click here to access

K–12 lesson – Self mini-documentary: subject, storyline, and video

In this lesson from expert teacher Lisa Gottfried, students use Premiere Pro to create a compelling video story about an aspect of their life. Click here to access

Higher Ed project – Create a newscast

In this project by Brian Puente at the University of Arizona, students use Premiere Pro to create a professional-quality newscast. Click here to access.

Higher Ed project – Exhibition brochure

In this project by Dr. Kim Beil at Stanford University, students use InDesign to create a brochure for an imagined exhibition. Click here to access.

Higher Ed project – Science in translation

In this project by Rachel Bryson at Utah State University, students use InDesign to translate scientific discourse for non-specialist audiences. Click here to access.

Self-paced course – Design Fun Apps with Your Students

This course was updated in November 2020 with new learning content, examples, resources and lesson plans to help you and your students get started with mobile app design and Adobe XD. Click here to access

Professional learning kit – App and Experience Design Professional Learning Kit | Presenter-led Training

This free presenter-led training is designed to work in tandem with our Design Fun Apps with Your Students self-paced course, which aims to provide a starting point for educators who want to build their confidence with app/experience design and Adobe XD before diving into these learning kit resources. Click here to access.

For NSW DoE Teachers

A new video from the NSW DoE T4L team was created to help their schools get single sign on access to Adobe Creative Cloud on school owned computers.

Coming events

Click here to access the Adobe in Education Events and Resources site and book in for some free professional learning for you and your colleagues.

Contact the Adobe Education Team

Use the following QR code or link to get in contact with the Adobe in Education team for Australasia and share this link with any colleagues who you think would value getting these monthly updates.

Australasian Adobe Education Community Facebook Group

Click here to join the Australasian Adobe Education Community Facebook Group and get first hand updates on the Adobe in Education program.

Inject Creativity Live – Spark & XD in K12

It was a real pleasure to host Adobe Education Leaders Juliette Bentley (QLD) and Lauren Sayer (Vic) last night at the Inject Creativity Live event as they shared how Adobe Spark and Adobe XD are used at their schools.

Note that the Chat-show was broadcast live on the official Adobe for Education YouTube Channel.

To access the Deeper-dive session (and Juliette & Lauren’s chapters), click here.

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions
  • Chapter 2 – Juliette Bentley Sparking Initiatives as Mt St Michael’s College
  • Chapter 3 – Adobe Max recap –
  • Chapter 4 – Lauren Sayer Teaching XD at Haileybury
  • Chapter 5 – Resources

There was some lovely feedback comments …


  • Juliette showing spark in literacy 
  • Hearing from both wonderful and inspiring presenters.
  • I really enjoyed Juliette’s Spark share, but particularly found inspiration in Lauren’s XD showcase.
  • Enjoyed learning from Julia Bentley and Lauren Sayer, Particularly interested in teaching XD applications to students and starting to learn how to do this. This session has further encouraged my interests. 
  • Juliette Bentley’s use of Adobe Spark in her school’s religion education program.

Other comments

  • Thanks all for your continued commitment to digital literacy and creativity development in teachers and students. Without these sessions, we would all feel very lonely!
  • I also liked the way Lauren Lily uses an LMS to present her students’ use of Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Our next Inject Creativity Live event will be Dec 2 starting at 6.30 PM (AEDT) with AEL Joel Aarons from Melbourne as well as some of the students films from Andrew Lai’s school in Sydney.

Join us live if you can – much more fun that way ☺

Writing for Change

Adobe and Wakelet are partnering for the Writing For Change Challenge! This international project involved students and teachers completing up to 10 writing challenges with Adobe Spark Page and sharing their work via Wakelet!

Great for English teachers – let them know!

A number of authors, bloggers & influences have taken up the challenge and are being interviewed by the Adobe team. Have a look at this interview with Brett Salakas from last week.

This one with author Chris Curtis

Join us live in the Australasian region each Thursday at 5 PM AEDT for a new live event via the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel.

Tomorrow is with well known Aussie author Jackie French.

Adobe @ EduTech 2020

Adobe is again sponsoring the EduTech Conference which, is a very large scale Education in Technology next week. Like most events this year, it is virtual therefore available to so many more teachers around the region. 

Below is one of a series of videos that we have produced for EduTech 2020. This video, plus many others are available at the Adobe EduTech Channel.

Make sure you book in for the Adobe breakout session at 12:10 PM (AEDT) on Tuesday, 10 November.

See you at Edutech 2020.

Inject Creativity Live

It was great to have Adobe Education Leader Erin Raethke back with us to help co-host the most recent Inject Creativity Live event that was broadcast on November 4.

Special guests for this episode included Dom Traynor, Adobe’s Education Evangelist for Europe as well as Adobe Education Leader & Microsoft Innovative Educator Jason Lane from Villanova College in Brisbane.

The Deeper-dive event for this episode can be found via:

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions
  • Chapter 2 – Dom Traynor – Cool Spark Programs
  • Chapter 3 – Message to NSW DoE Teachers
  • Chapter 4 – Jason Lane – Embedding Spark in One Note
  • Chapter 5 – News updates

Join us live on Nov 18 at 6.30 PM (AEDT) for the next episode with special guests Lauren Sayer (Adobe Education Leader and Director of Digital Learning at Haileybury College in Melbourne) and Juliette Bentley (Adobe Education Leader, Adobe Master Teacher & Technology Implementation Mentor at – MT ST MICHAEL’S COLLEGE, Brisbane).

Lauren will be focusing on Adobe XD in Action and Juliette will be sharing some insights into Adobe Spark in the classroom.

1 Min Video Challenge – Mountain Creek State High School

On October 9, about 90 Year 7-9 students from Mountain Creek State High School (on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast) took part in an Adobe 1-minute Video Challenge aimed at promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Besides promoting the UN SDGs, this type of event also aims to enhance students video literacy, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills. All recognised internationally as vital to thrive in the future.

Usually I would be running this event face-to-face with the teachers and students for the day as an incursion. Due to COVID, I’ve been connecting online, but for this event there were connection issues so I pre-recorded my introductions and aims and let the teachers run the event without my direct support.

After being reminded about each of the UN SDGs, the students broke into small production teams and decided which goal they would be promoting in their 1 minute video. Then they were given time to plan their story, film their content as well as gather extra assets (such as royalty free still & moving images as well as audio files) and then put the story together with Adobe Premier Rush.

Premier Rush is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud set of applications that are now widely available throughout Queensland Government, Independent, Catholic and Lutheran schools.

Premier rush is a cut down version of the more professional Adobe Premiere Pro video editing solution. It is very popular with students and teachers because of its simplicity, its accessibility on mobile and desktop devices and its power to produce amazing video stories. It’s not as simple as Adobe Spark Video but it doesn’t require anywhere near the learning curve of Premiere Pro.

Most of the students were new to video production and film-making so they recruited the help of one of the school’s media teachers. The students worked very well in their teams and collectively produced 18 different video stories.

Here are the top three winning films that were produced by these talented students based on my judgement and a peer assessment process …

3rd Place – Team 12 (Climate Change by James, Rowan, Ayran, Jack & Aaron)

2nd Place – Team 13 (Plastic’s Journey by Jess, Evie, Maisie, Sarah & Charlize)

1st – Team 3 (The Weight of the World by Biance, Eva, Khushbu, Sarah & Elena)

I would like to congratulate all the students involved in this 1 Min Video Challenge and thank Mr Graeme Breen, Head Of Digital Innovation at Mountain Creek State High School for organising this event and providing this opportunity for his students.

Note that parent release forms were signed by all identifiable students.

Adobe Max – Sneaks

Sneaks is one of the most popular features of Adobe Max each year. It’s all about showcasing new technologies that may (or may not) end up in a current Adobe application or potentially as an entirely new Adobe application in the future.

Adobe’s Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist Paul Trani hosted this years Sneaks with Talk Show Host, Author, Executive Producer and Comedian Chelsea Handler.

All the Max Sneaks this year were amazing. But these are the ones I thought were most impressive and likely to be beneficial for students and teachers in the future.

Comic Blast

Convert script into Comic book speech bubbles and re-work hand b&w sketches into a colour comic style image.

Sharp Shots

Auto de-blurring of video.


Using Adobe Capture to scan an object and ctreate a 3D model for Dimension and Aero

Typographic Brushes

Using Fresco to convert a brush stroke into an editable text/

AR Together

Collaborative AR on multiple devices with Aero

Adobe Max – Keynote highlights

Comedian Conan O’Brien along with Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen and Adobe Executive Vice President Scott Belsky were the main hosts for the 2020 Adobe Max Keynote sessions for 2020, the largest ever Adobe Max event.

In Shantanu’s welcome address he reminded us that creativity has never been more important and Adobe mission is to change the world through digital experiences.

He reminded us that Adobe is about unleashing creativity for all, accelerating document productivity and powering digital businesses.

Shantanu said that content fuels the digital economy and he shared that Adobe aims to:

  • empower every voice
  • accelerate productivity and collaboration
  • push category and technology boundaries
  • put Adobe magic to work
  • inspire and be inspired

Scott Belsky began his presentation by reminding us that Adobe is more than just high-end professional creativity products by sharing a great video featuring the following three Adobe mobile apps:

Scott shared that Adobe aims to help people learn new skills (Level Up), Collaborate and unleash new forms of creation.

Illustrator for the iPad

Adobe Illustrator for the iPad was officially launched during this keynote with a demo from the amazing Terry White, Principle Worldwide Photography Evangelist.

Find out more via

Terry then demonstrated a range of new Photoshop feature on the iPad and laptop/desktop including:

Photoshop on the iPad

  • Object selection on iPad & refine edge
  • Rotate canvas
  • Curves adjustment for colour correction

Laptop/Desktop version

  • View Pattern Preview
  • Sky replacement
  • Neural Filters (powered by Adobe Sensei)

I was particularly impressed with the Neuro filter that automatically changed the age of a person from older to younger.

Check out this clip

The Content Authenticity Initiative

Scott also highlight a new initiative from Adobe and other partners called the Content Authenticity Initiative. This is aimed at building a system to provide provenance and history for digital media, giving creators a tool to claim authorship and empowering consumers to assess whether what they are seeing is trustworthy.


New updates for Lightroom include:

  • Local Hue via Apple Pencil
  • Colour Grading
  • Import images direct to Lightroom
  • Batch processing (time saver)
  • Raw editing via the smart phone

Adobe Fresco

A range of new features in Fesco were featured including the new charcoal brush, multi-coloured Sampling, vector trimming and the fact that Fresco is now available on the iPhone.

Adobe XD

The new 3D transforms feature in XD was a highlight shared by Khoi Vinh, Senior Director of Product Design, XD, Adobe. Other cool features include stacks and smart padding.

Adobe’s video tools

New video updates that were shared include Pan & Zoom on Rush, Speech to Text on Premiere Pro and the new 3d Design Space.

Find out more about Adobe Max 2020 via